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navratri Recipes

Each day of navratri is dedicated to different forms of shakti.

So, the season of festivals is on the way. Vrat, Pooja, celebrations and lot more

Here are few recipes, which can be tried during navratri. Special Vrat or upvas food recipes made of kuttu, sabudana, potato, bottle gourd, dry fruits and fruits.

Aloo Kuttu Paratha

Kuttu atta and meshed boiled potatoes are kneeded to make a dough and rolled and fried to make paratha.
Check the Aloo Kuttu Paratha recipe here >>

Kuttu Poori

Kuttu atta kneeded to make a dough with meshed potatoes and deep fried to make poori.
Check the Kuttu Poori recipe here >>

Kuttu Aloo Pakode

Check the Kuttu Aloo Pakode recipe here >>

Makhana Kheer

Check the Makhana Kheer recipe here >>

Arbi Sabzi

Check the Arbi Sabzi recipe here >>

Sukhe Aloo

Check the Sukhe Aloo recipe here >>

Arbi Sabzi Gravy

Check the Arbi Sabzi Gravy recipe here >>

Aloo Pulao

Check the Aloo Pulao recipe here >>

Aloo Halwa

Check the Aloo Halwa recipe here >>

Aloo Chat

Check the Aloo Chat recipe here >>

Jeera Aloo

Check the Jeera Aloo recipe here >>

Lauki Halwa

Check the Lauki Halwa recipe here >>

Lauki Barfi

Check the Lauki Barfi recipe here >>

Kele ki sabzi

Add rock salt instead of normal white salt.

Check the kele ki sabzi recipe here >>

Fruit Salad

Check the Fruit Salad recipe here >>

Fruit Curd

Check the Fruit Curd recipe here >>

Kaddu ki sabzi

Check the Kaddu ki sabzi recipe here >>

khuskhus aloo

Check the Khuskhus Aloo recipe here >>


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