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Pyaz Paratha Recipe

Pyaz Paratha Recipe

Pyaz Paratha is an easy and 15 minute breakfast item because i often keep the kneaded dough in refrigerator. So, once dough is ready, it is hardly a 15 minute job to prepare pyaz ka paratha.

Pyaz ka paratha is a popular north indian breakfast often served with curd and pickle. I chop onion really thin for my pyaz paratha recipe. Few people like the a little thick chopped onion.

Because this is pyaz paratha, so the taste of pyaz should be there while eating paratha, that is why i do not add spices in stuffing except salt and a little garam masala. My perception is what ever we specially cook, should have taste of that particular ingredients so i add least spices in any stuffed paratha. For me, mooli paratha should provide taste of mooli and so with the aloo paratha. So, i kept the spice low while making pyaz paratha. But that does not mean that adding spices will not make a tasty pyaz paratha. It will be tasty indeed, only thing the taste of onion will be taken away and it will be having taste of other spices.

I made pyaz paratha with regular onion, but that can be made using white onion or any type of onion. DO not add salt in pyaz stuffing while mixing other spices, istead add salt in pyaz stuffing when stuffing it in the paratha, else pyaz stuffing becomes watery and pyaz does not remain crisp.

Happy Cooking !!

Ingredients for Pyaz Paratha Recipe

  • Wheat Flour Dough
  • Pyaz (Onion) : 2-3 chopped finely
  • Green Chillies: 2 finely chopped
  • Garam Masala : 1/4 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Vegetable Oil for pan frying the paratha
  • Butter : to Garnish
  • How to make Pyaz Paratha

    Make wheat flour dough and keep aside. Chop the onion really thin to mke pyaz paratha. Add green chilli in the chopped pyaz.

    Add garam masala in pyaz and mix well. Stuffing for pyaz paratha is redy. Divide the dough into medium lemon size balls. Roll round shape about 4 inches round. Place the stuffing in the center of rolled dough.

    Seal the Pyaz stuffing inside, apply some flour on it. Roll it again to chapati size. Heat the tawa / griddle.Put the rolled stuffed paratha on tawa and turn it when one side starts changing color. Flip side again and fry it evenly from both the sides.

    When bron spots appear, Pyaz Paratha is ready now.

    Serve pyaz paratha hot with butter and tea / yogurt.


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